And This Is How It Starts

A welcome post! The beginning of a blogging journey.


To start off, my name is Anhna, which I mean I’m pretty  sure you know, but if you didn’t then my name is Anhna V. Ho. The V is for Van except I don’t like Van. I just like V and that’s all (if you dont know where this is from you’re fuckin lame breh lol)

This blog was made for many reasons, one being that I’m pretentious as hell so why not have a blog. Duh.

This blog will consist of whatever goes on in my life and whatever else I feel like sharing, depending on how I feel that day. Don’t expect much because odds are I’ll forget to update this thing and if I do it’ll probably be something that’s only interesting to me.

This blog was made for my own reason to document things so I can look back on how dumb I was and reflect on myself. If I happen to spark interest or motivate anyone in any way, then that will just have been a bonus <3

If ur interested on following me on social media, you can click here (shameless self promo)



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