New Year, Same Old Fabulous Me

Another trip around the sun and what it means to me.

A new year always brings on motivation that I didn’t have before that ball dropped. This year, this newfound motivation was put toward making more art and maintaining this blog. Right now, I feel like this is a great way to put down my thoughts into words and to document anything that happens in my life, be it what I had for breakfast, any thoughts or ideas that come to mind, or whatever bullshit I’m dealing with at the time- because a bitch deals with a lot of damn bullshit lol

Even though it’s a new year, I’d like to think that I’m the same as always. No, I’m not talking about fabulous, even if its true (I mean I’m JUST saying). I like to poke fun at the saying, “New Year New Me” because I find it weird that people choose to follow the trend of getting their shit together once a new year comes around. Yes, I’m guilty of making new years resolutions, many of which I did not keep up with, but why choose now to better ourselves? Why not better ourselves everyday and work on it no matter the year, the month, the day? A thought. I’ll admit, it feels good to have newly gained motivation, and 2017 feels like it might be a good year.

idk how to end this post so here’s a pic to start off 2017:170101125551-hollyweed-super-tease


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