How I spent my day on January 11th, 2017.

*Disclaimer* I suck at this blogging thing and am currently posting a day [2 days if you want to get technical since its 2:30 am] late because I’m lazy and work takes over my life :-)

Mercury is back in a “forward” orbit and life seems to have gotten significantly better in a matter of days. This might be a coincidence, but I like having something to blame when shit hits the fan lmao sorry Mercury, sis, it be like that sometimes.

Yesterday morning, Nicole and I were lucky enough to get our ratty hands on general admission floor seats for the 1975, MSG here we come!! I spent my day catching up on sleep, drove to the city with Nicole and Wes and tried Hip City Veg for the first time and it was phat. Afterwords, we went to the art museum and got some insomnia cookies, and went back to Madi’s for the rest of the night to enjoy some homemade vegan pasta- courtesy of Nicole- A1 vegan baddie, watched the Lizzie McGuire movie and listened to Madi’s miraculous vinyl collection.

Today I decided that it’s okay to take pictures of everything. F#**@#ck!!! what they say about our generation being consumed by phones and technology and shit, we’re incredibly lucky to live in this age and era where it’s so simple to capture moments and also btw have information easily accessible at the tip of our fingers. I will continue to annoyingly take pictures and videos, no matter the stigma behind it and I urge everyone else to, too.

Here are some photos from the art museum:


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