Minor Setback, Major Comeback

Can’t shake the feeling that I’m not progressing.

Lately I’ve been feeling small. Everyone around me and people that I come across seem to be exactly where they want to be in life and I barely feel like I’ve touched base with anything that I want to achieve.

Maybe that right there is exactly why I feel like I’m not moving anywhere? don’t know

My thoughts and the way I allow myself to feel plays a part in what I can achieve. I can’t keep comparing myself to other people because the problem with that is, I’m not them. If I keep focusing on other people’s accomplishments, how will I allow myself to make any growth?

It’s a common thing to observe other people and to even feel envious if they appear to be put together and have things going for them, but what we might not realize is that the same person could also be going through your exact situation and feel the same as you do and just hide it really well. People only allow you to see what they want you to see, so it can be pretty easy to make it seem like they have it together, when in reality, they might not be where they want to be, yet, either.












iceberg lettuce brr ugh i did it again hi this is a pointless little spot in my post that you have stumbled upon. if you do not close your eyes and count to 5 right now you will have bad luck for 1 whole month. giddy up times a wastin


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