Out of character

I don’t usually do this, but…

I don’t rlly like to talk about my sex life in great detail or even directly (unless I’m talking to my friends), because well, it’s not anything that I consider to be anyone’s business, but mine.

Except something brought me to a realization and in turn, I decided to write a fricken blog post.

Why do I need to be scared or hide myself to make people feel more comfortable with themselves? If I want to be provocative, why can’t I? As long as it isn’t negatively affecting anyone personally, and I feel good about myself, who cares… right?

Well, at least that’s what I thought and the way I saw it. I know that not everyone will be comfortable with sex and being sexual and that that conversation or talk will be awkward to them, that I get… what I don’t get is why people have to be so mean and judgmental towards someone who is comfortable with it.

Why am I not allowed to feel liberated? Why do I have to feel bad for having X amount of sexual partners, which by the way is a fucking trivial and insignificant number to begin with and has ABSOLUTELY NO VALUE on anyone’s worth as a person…? Why am I looked at as less than because I engaged in sexual activity and… *gasp* liked it?

And this isn’t only applicable to actual sex, but anything related to being ~scandalous~. I should be able to post a risqué picture and not be looked at differently. This is nothing you haven’t seen before in movies or the very same porn that you watch and get off on. This is nothing new, so don’t act so shocked. Do my tits bother you?


*Let’s start respecting other people’s decisions, especially if and when they’ve been nothing but respectful towards you and your differences.

*Let’s stop acting like girls can’t and don’t have control over their own bodies and can’t choose what they want to do with it and who they want to do it with.

*Let’s stop being shitty and placing judgment on people when we preach love and acceptance, because let’s be real, that just makes you a hypocrite, you fucking dick.



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