ur unhappy and thats cool

here to tell you why to stop fuckin trying so hard to be happy 

idk how to start this without sounding dumb and cliche like those stupid Facebook posts that jennifer from high school always shares on your timeline or feed or whatever its called on Facebook i only go on there to post pictures of myself for the sole purpose of having my mom and her friends to boost my ego.


yea like i said, you’re unhappy and u kno what?? thats cool dude. like that’s fine and you don’t need to feel bad about not being happy. you know why? because first of all, if you were constantly on a loop of happiness forever, how would you be able to appreciate that happiness if there weren’t anything opposite of that to compare the feeling to? exactly bro because you need to be sad every once in a while to be able to appreciate being happy

and yea ok you can argue and say that you’d choose to avoid experiencing sadness even if it meant getting used to the feeling of happiness and having it become- in a way- meaningless but thats umm… stupid lol because disappointment, rejection, despair and many things along those lines are inevitable. you can’t resist it because no matter how hard you try to resist anything negative in your life, life will throw that shit at you. and u kno what??? thats ok. because that is life and you just have to learn to deal with whatever it throws in your face.

no pity parties and no victimizing yourself because everyone “suffers” in some way. its like when kylie jenner said she missed out on a normal life while being famous, it sounds crazy and ridiculous because anyone would want her life, but it’s really not far fetched to think that she would feel like she missed out on a normal life because she never got to experience one, just like how we never got to experience her cool ass rich ass life. not all “suffering” is equal but you can’t say that not everyone has “suffered” before, and the reason for one person’s suffering may be a solution to someone else’s suffering

also another point to make in the argument that being unhappy sometimes is good is because in being dissatisfied, you will be more likely to want to take the initiative to change the position you’re in. when i say its ok to be unhappy, i don’t mean to sit there and accept it. i mean, yea accept that you’re in the position you’re in, but taking your pain and using it as a tool to turn whatever shit you’re dealing with and turn it into something better and learn that it is possible 2 fail and not be where you want 2 be and still be ok because not everything is set in stone and realizing all of this, no one will be able to tell you shit !! and thats pretty tight if u ask me


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